Disclosure Statement


Again, in the desire to be completely transparent, we want to let you know that this website has affiliate links. What this means is that, from time to time, I will blog or post about a product that I use (and this is ONLY from brands that I trust), and there will be links to those things on this website. In the event that you buy anything from that link, that brand compensates me with a commission. Usually, this isn’t more than a few cents. However, I want you to know, truly, that everything I post on the blog, I post because I truly love the product. Keeping my integrity with you as a blogger is more important to me than the $0.21 I’ll make off an affiliate link. If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, and the brands I work with, please feel free to contact me at marybeth@heartofcelebration.com, and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

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