Afterthoughts on Taste of Latinoamérica

Hey Party-Makers,

This past weekend, I attended and photographed an event in PDX for a local hub of Latino commerce—the Portland Mercado. The Mercado has been open for a little over a year, and is a small development off 72nd and Foster that houses a handful of Latino-owned stores, coffee shops, food carts, and other small vendors. It’s a bright, multi-colored little pod in the middle of a four lane commuter road that is sure to catch your eye if you drive by.

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Finding the Perfect Vibe for your Corporate Event

One of the things I love the most about planning corporate events, is that it’s an opportunity for an organization to showcase either to it’s clients or employees what they’re all about. Whether an event is black-tie and dress to the nines, or my former employer’s Star Wars viewing party, the way you choose to celebrate as a company tells a story about who you are as a whole and what you value.

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